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This is where you can find all the big routes I've ridden! 


I just completed my Europe ride December 2023 and pinned every country, city, town, village I visited, every hostel, hotel, camping spot, gas station, restaurant, ferry terminal, or road side cafe I stopped at. You can tell I squiggled quite a bit in the Balkans, but really got a move on in the Baltics and Scandinavian countries! I am riding a Honda Dominator 250cc and have ridden over 34,000 miles/ 55,000 kilometers on this expedition. This took me two years.

Read My Reflections of My Europe Ride

Chasing Crystal Europe Motovlog


This was my first big cross country trip! I rode over 5,300 miles/ 8,530 kilometers in three weeks from the California to Chicago, Illinois. The first week, I rode from the Bay Area, California to Illinois, the second week, I rested and spent quality time with my friend and finished reading the first book in the Lord of the Rings, and the third week, I rode from Chicago back to California. On the days I rode, I averaged 300-500 miles/ 482-804 kilometers per day.


I did this trip on my Ninja 300 during the winter in October. The weight of the tent gave my bike speed wobbles, so I ditched the tent and brought a mosquito net to "protect" myself from the rattlesnakes and mountain lions. This was not fun when one night I camped and it dropped to 28F/ -2C degrees at night.

You can watch my experience here Chicago Trip


This was my first out of state ride! During COVID, it was considered high risk to use public transportation to travel with other people such as in plane, so I thought: What better way to be socially distant from others than to be isolated in my helmet? I've always wanted to visit Yellowstone National Park, so off I went!

I rode my Ninja 300 2,000 miles/ 3,200 kilometers to visit one of the United States' most beautiful national parks. It is one of my favorite national parks so far and I highly recommend visiting.


To Baja or bust! I think we've all heard that Mexico is dangerous and to beware of the cartel. While this may be true, this is not the experience I had riding from California to the very tip of Baja California Sur. Baja has some of the most beautiful turquoise blue waters in the world. The people are kind, hospitable and the food is amazing.

I rode my Ninja 300 over 3,000 miles/ 4,800 kilometers over the course of 3 weeks to reach the very tip at Marina Del Rey, Baja.


Iceland was my first international solo trip in 2018. I did this trip by renting a car and driving around the entire country by myself in 7 days in early September. I did not yet discover long distance motorcycle travel yet.

This was one of the stepping stones that allowed me to gain the confidence and courage to take more solo trips and do bigger and more extensive trips.

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