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I am looking to collaborate with brands and companies that I am passionate about. Think we're a good fit? Send me an email.

My talented artist friend from California @Cristals.Art (IG) designed this sticker. Send me an email if you would like to purchase one.

Thanks for your support! My expedition is currently self funded. Here are some ways to support! This will allow me to keep living my dreams and continuing my expedition around the world.

For exclusive access to content not posted on my Instagram or Youtube, subscribe to my Patreon! You can also receive a postcard from me each month mailed from wherever I am in the world.

Your donation goes a long way and goes directly to my expedition. Most likely fuel for my bike or an actual built shelter when it's raining or snowing.

I record and edit all my own videos on the road. I post videos once a week on Thursdays. See what I'm up to on my motovlog! My motovlogs are delayed as I want to fully appreciate the traveling aspect and not be solely focused on producing videos.

To see all the amazing places I've been and read short stories of my experience, follow my Instagram page or my Facebook page.

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