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APR 16, 2023

Montenegro was the second country I rode through. It was the beginning of November and winter was upon my Dominator and me. The sun set early and once it set, temperatures dropped quickly. This was a month into my expedition and I was still figuring things out. My plan was to cross from Split, Croatia to Montenegro and then backtrack to Dubrovnik, Croatia and then venture into Bosnia and Herzegovina from there. Upon checking the weather, I had 3 days to ride through Montenegro before heavy rain came for multiple days.

I needed to finish touring Montenegro in 3 days. This was not a lot of time to explore an entire country, but I didn't want to be stuck inside, so off I went!

Even though the weather was cloudy and made the landscape and buildings dark and dreary, I loved it. Foliage and trees were brown, bare and didn't have the vibrant colors or flowers that come in Spring and Summer, but that shows how spectacular Montenegro is. Montenegro means "black mountain" and these were my favorite part of riding through this country. For me, Montenegro's beauty is in its mountains.

I rode through the M2.3, E65, P4, P5, E762 and M6 roads. You can take a closer look at my Europe Route Map HERE. These are my favorite kind of roads on a motorcycle: nice big sweeping curves that let you see the road in front of you, but also beyond to the vast landscape. You're allowed an extra second to take in the view. There are also a few hairpins turns to keep you alert. These roads aren't so technical that you need to be on edge and shifting weight from one side of the seat to the other, but you can relax a bit and just follow the curve.

Riding in November was a bit miserable temperature wise, but my happiness in riding these mountains greatly outweighed the pain of the cold. English is not widely spoken here, so that's a fun challenge I had. I don't mind this, I just see it as adding to the adventure. One of the great upsides to traveling in the winter is there is barely anyone on the roads, so no congestion when riding through the curves. Check out one of my riding videos through Montenegro HERE.

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