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Updated: Jan 25

APR 11, 2023

Croatia was the FIRST European country I touched down in. I flew from San Francisco, California, had a layover in Frankfurt, Germany and finally landed in Zagreb, Croatia. I picked up my bike and off we went with no plans! The only intention I had was to ride as much of the country as I could, which explains why my route looks like this.

Croatia is a popular tourist destination in the spring and summer months. It is an international vacation spot, as well as very popular among Europeans. Locals told me it gets so crowded during the busy months, all the cars create congestion. These cities are old, so most of these roads are only two lane roads. I rode through this beautiful country during the early winter in October/ November and was fortunate not to catch any of these crowds. Here are my must visit cities in Croatia on a motorcycle. You may notice that most of these cities are along the Adriatic Coast, which make these easy to visit, you just follow the coastline.

1. Pula

Pula is easily one of my favorite cities in Croatia. It is full of ancient archaeological feats of human engineering. Every few blocks you walk, there's a monument to explore. Visit the Pula Area (photo above), the Temple of Augustus, and the Arch of Sergii, all within walking distance. The Pula Arena is one of my favorite monuments. I found it by accident. I was aimlessly riding through the city to get my bearings, and then I see the top of this arena peek out from above the tree line. Imagine my surprise as I ride closer and the sheer magnitude of this arena sink in. I highly recommend visiting Pula just to see the Pula Arena in person. Check out my YouTube video of visiting the Pula Arena HERE.

2. Rovinj

For the feeling of a coastal town, I really enjoyed the city of Rovinj. With a population of about 14,000 people, this city has such a relaxed atmosphere. The great thing about Rovinj is is doesn't have as much of the heavy tourist traffic you will experience in other cities. You can ride right up to the water, and sit on the dock edge to have lunch. There are lots of cute pastry shops and grocery stores right along the water to grab lunch as well. Check out my YouTube video riding to Rovinj HERE.

3. Sibenik

Two words: Get Lost. The stone walls and streets of the old town of Sibenik are a maze. Meandering through the narrow streets was one of my favorite things to do and I felt completely safe here. These ancient walls are from the 15th century. No cars are allowed in the Old Town and people still live in these city walls made of stones. There are some great restaurants within these nooks. I recommend visiting St. Michael's Fortress and the Cathedral of St. James. Sibenik is also a great hub to visit KRKA National Park, a must visit when visiting Croatia. Check out my experience of visiting KRKA National Park HERE or read my guide how to visit KRKA National Park HERE.

4. Split

Split was an unexpected favorite. I just thought I would touch down for the night and keep moving, but there was so much to explore! My favorite was Diocletian's Palace. It is an ancient palace built in 293 AD for the Roman emperor Diocletian and is part of the Old Town in Split. Most of these older cities have an "Old Town" which is hundreds of years old and as the years passed, the population grew and the city expanded, the newer parts of the city was built around them. Don't let the name fool you, in the Old Towns is where the life of the city is. Check out my experience of exploring Split on my YouTube HERE.

I stayed at Hurricane Hostel when I visited Split, and the life and energy of this hostel are part of the reason I decided to spend extra time here. For an amazing hostel experience, check out Hurricane Hostel HERE. There is a small alley right around the corner where I parked my motorcycle too!

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